Do You Know How To Use Every Feature Of Your Telephone System?

Funny, but nobody else does either!!!

Imagine how much more productive your staff would be if you all know how to:

  • Transfer Calls
  • Setup Conferences
  • Divert to a real person instead of voicemail
  • Change your voicemail greeting to let people know when you will be available
  • Send text messages
  • Change your ringtone so you will know when your phone is ringing when you are not at your desk

These are just a few of the things you have already paid for, why not use them?

A few more productive minutes in a day for each person equates to real money over a year!

We can save you money with increased productivity

Our state of the art video self education modules or customised classroom training courses will help users make better use of your new or existing telephony and UC equipment.